Rhinoplasty in Antalya

rhinoplasty in Antalya

Rhinoplasty in Antalya

A beautiful nose creates more harmony in the entire face – if the facial image is harmonious, you have more success in life and feel good. The shape and size of a nose affects the harmony of your facial proportions. Many people are dissatisfied when they look in the mirror, the nose somehow doesn’t match the rest of the face! You feel the desire to better adapt the nose aesthetics to your facial contours. Such a procedure is performed by cosmetic surgeons in Antalya. Aesthetic Travel team will put you in touch with renowned specialists for nose corrections.

A detailed consultation takes place before the operation. Your wishes for the new modeling of your nose and the existing medical options will be discussed. The experts will present you with all the options that can be used for such an operation. You will also receive detailed advice from our anesthesia team. This consultation includes all possible risks and complications, all available surgical alternatives and the costs.

What is possible today with a rhinoplasty in Antalya?

These are corrections of long and humped noses, straightening of crooked noses, narrowing or widening of the nose, correction of the tip of the nose and filling of depressions in a so-called saddle nose. If your nasal septum is crooked, it can also be straightened. The surgeons in Turkey have many years of experience and are medically up to date. The procedure takes place under general anesthesia. After the procedure, the nose is padded and put in a plaster cast – later this is replaced with plasters. Here, too, the following applies: refrain from exerting yourself for a few weeks in order to avoid post-bleeding. The team at Aesthetic Travel will find the specialists for you and will take care of all your needs throughout your stay.

The treatment lasts 1-3 hours, the hospital stay is about one day. The regeneration about a week. Costs: from EUR 1490. A professionally performed nose operation in Turkey is considered to be low-risk. Swelling and postoperative bleeding can of course occur, and this is easily treatable. You should stop working for 10 to 14 days after the operation. Strict bed rest or the like is not necessary. Sport is already possible after two to three weeks – but take it easy.