Nose Job Rhinoplasty Turkey / Antalya

Nose Job Rhinoplasty Turkey / Antalya: The attractive nose surgery in Turkey for a new chapter in life!

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As the center of the face, the nose largely determines your attractiveness. You can perfect your beauty with an individually adapted rhinoplasty.

Nose Job Rhinoplasty Turkey - explanation

Rhino, the word comes from Latin and means “nose”, therefore the generic term “rhinoplasty” defines all areas of cosmetic nose surgery. You can have your nose shape surgically corrected according to your wishes.

For example, people who are dissatisfied with their nose in the mirror can have the organ straightened or reduced. Those affected often have the nasal hump surgically removed in order to straighten the bridge of the nose.

Only if it is medically necessary is there a chance that your health insurance company will pay for the procedure. Otherwise you have to bear the costs yourself. For a rhinoplasty in Turkey, the cost is low.

Abroad, trained doctors and experienced surgeons are at your side to answer your questions individually and purposefully. Experienced specialist surgeons operate on you with great care and at reasonable prices.

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Rhinoplasty Turkey / Antalya - cheap and professional alternative

Plastic surgery in Turkey enjoys a good reputation, because technically experienced staff and professional surgeons coordinate the nose correction with expertise. The doctors organize the entire process in your favour. First-class service does not have to be expensive. That is why more and more people are taking the opportunity for rhinoplasty in Turkey. The procedure costs less money here than in Germany. 

The team of doctors abroad will hold a preliminary talk before the operation to inform you about the preparation, course and aftercare of the operation. The doctors will answer your questions in a friendly, competent and pointed manner. You don’t have to plan weeks for the Nase Op Turkey / Antalya, because the stay only takes a few days. You will stay in the clinic for about four to five days, depending on the situation.

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Nose Job in Turkey / Antalya - the way to unique beauty

If the shape of your nose bothers you, don’t fret. You can’t change your genetics, but you have the opportunity to have a nose job. Surgeons adjust the shape of the nose to your liking.

Very few people are naturally blessed with the “perfect” nose and everyone defines their own ideal. With the idea of ​​your optimal nose, you can turn to specialist surgeons.

In Turkey, you will only be treated by experienced staff who care about your physical and mental well-being. Attractive appearance is beneficial to your well-being, so you can rely on constant commitment.

Each patient consults the doctors in Turkey with an individual concern. The surgeons will shrink, and straighten your nose the way you want it because your satisfaction is a priority.

Cost of a nose job rhinoplasty in Turkey

In Turkey, experienced doctors correct your nose for little money. The low cost allows customers on a budget to live a happy life with a pretty nose. Your doctor will clearly list the costs for you so that you can keep track of your finances and make the payment without stress. You need a lot of money for the rhinoplasty abroadnot. Y

ou can see all items to be paid on the invoice, there are no “nasty surprises”. You can clarify the question of costs during the preliminary consultation with your doctor in order to prepare the payment. There are no costs after the rhinoplasty. Your payment includes all aspects of your stay, including accommodation and surgery. Low prices and excellent service are a matter of course for cosmetic surgeries in Turkey.

Nose Correction – What is possible?

What surgical techniques do surgeons offer?

The surgeons abroad adapt the surgical method for rhinoplastyindividually in order to work out the best possible result. Depending on the desired change in your nose, the doctors choose a special technique. With the open surgical technique, the specialist surgeon also cuts open your bridge of the nose. This step guarantees the doctor maximum accessibility to the tissue and thus a simple procedure with optimal results. Alternatively, your surgeon operates closed. 

This procedure causes fewer visible scars, but limits the doctor’s view of the surgical area. Nevertheless, the closed technique results in excellent results. The surgical technique chosen by the surgeon is based on your physical requirements. Based on your individual nose shape, the doctor decides which method will fulfill your desired correction.

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Low risk factor

Difficulties rarely arise during or after the nose correction, as a rule the procedure is completely symptom-free. Thanks to the experience and skill of the Turkish specialist surgeons, you can have a problem-free procedure. Serious complications are very rare. After the procedure, the nasal area may bleed or swell. Your doctor will treat these symptoms quickly and effectively with little effort. 

The doctors will give you painkillers to relieve the uncomfortable feeling of pressure. You can also enjoy the peace and quiet of your single room, where you will be lovingly cared for by the medical staff. The friendly treatment guarantees speedy recovery.

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Freedom of movement after rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty only involves a small part of your body, but you should rest physically to speed up and optimize the healing process. You can do without strict bed rest. A few days after rhinoplasty, your nose and eye area may swell. 

This happens frequently and shouldn’t worry you. Bluish discolouration often occurs together with the swelling. Impaired nasal breathing can temporarily restrict you. This phenomenon disappears after a few days, often as the first sign of healing. It can take six to twelve months for complete healing. 

Wound healing disorders and infections rarely affect patients because nose surgery in Turkeycarries little risk. Rough swelling has subsided about two weeks after the operation.

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Nose Job Rhinoplasty Turkey

Do other people recognize the changed nose shape from surgery?

Patients often worry about the reaction of those around them, because those affected do not want to receive information about the operation. The surgeons at the Turkey rhinoplasty fulfill this wish.

The staff keep the cost of the procedure low, but the service will provide you with quality and professionalism. With expertise, the doctor corrects the shape of your nose and accurately shapes the organ.

The procedure results in a natural appearance of your nose in order to avoid unpleasant questions from those around you. Your desire for a specific nose shape and individual aesthetics determine the new appearance of your nose.

Dezenz defines the approach of the doctors, who consciously prevent unnecessary injuries and consequences. After the wound has healed, outsiders no longer recognize the rhinoplasty. Rather, you can expect compliments on your attractiveness.

Healing of the nose after the operation - duration

Like any wound, your nose will need some time to fully heal after rhinoplasty. You can see clear progress in the healing process on a weekly basis. Complete healing takes a few months.

Unlike loose tissue, nasal tissue heals slowly and takes a comparatively long time. You have to reckon with six months to a year for the healing phase, depending on the severity of the injuries.

You don’t have to worry about your outward appearance. Visible signs of the nose surgery, such as redness, swelling and bruising, have almost disappeared after four weeks at the latest.

The shape of your nose may change slightly until it is completely healed. Therefore you have to be patient for a while before you can make definite statements about the finite shape of the nose.

Nose Job Rhinoplasty Antalya

Rhinoplasty in Turkey / Antalya - history

Discuss the cosst of a nose job in Turkey with your doctor first. In Turkey you don’t have to pay a lot of money for professional and individually performed rhinoplasty.

On the day of the operation, the surgeon will put you under general anesthesia. As a result, you sleep through the procedure and don’t notice anything. Due to the complexity of the rhinoplasty, local anesthesia is not suitable for anesthesia.

The doctor removes cartilage and bone tissue with medical instruments or fills in material to level small areas. If necessary, the surgeon straightens your nasal septum.

After the rhinoplasty, the doctor will pack your nose and put on a plaster cast. A plaster bandage will suffice later. Your doctor will explain the follow-up treatment to you and advise you personally.

Nose Surgery - FAQ

If your dissatisfaction is caused by your too large, crooked or crooked nose, a specialist surgeon will surgically shape the organ according to your wishes.

Rhinoplasty abroad costs less money than in Germany. Your clinic provides you with professional service and German-speaking experts.

Professional rhinoplasty in Turkey poses few risks; serious complications rarely occur. Swelling and bleeding are easily treatable.

Take it easy for ten to fourteen days after the operation. After about three weeks you can start light endurance training.

Nasal tissue heals slowly. Your nose will only recover after six to twelve months, and then you will see the final shape of your nose.

Do you have anymore questions?